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Exco Ventures, LLC

The rapid growth and advancement of software technologies has made it even easier for people to pick up and utilize them in their applications. But because of the easier learning curve for using, it has become increasingly more important for businesses to have people who can understand both the business issues at hand and good software engineering practices.

In other words, businesses need technologists who are excogitative: people who fully comprehend the problems at hand and can provide appropriate, powerful solutions.

Exco Ventures, LLC is a technology-consulting firm that advises businesses on how to utilize new and advanced software technologies in order to effectively manage, maintain, and innovate their technology platform. With a team that blends expertise in both understanding business operational needs and commercial software engineering, Exco Ventures can find the right technologies and create solutions for your business needs.

About Exco Ventures

Exco Ventures, LLC was founded in 2008 with the mission of applying technology and business development expertise to assist other enterprises with their business-technology needs. "Exco" is short for the verb "excogitate," which means "to study intently and carefully in order to grasp or comprehend fully." We believe in building our firm on the expertise and aptitude of our employees, and using our experience to help solve your technology problems. Our experience and knowledge base allows us to provide value-added service for your software technology needs.